How Dirty Is Air In The Average Home?

How Dirty Is Air In The Average Home?

How dirty is air in the average home in the United States

How dirty is air in the average home in the United States? Over one thousand dollars was spent on a groupon for an air duct cleaning service in my local area. The price seems steep, but when you think about how much it would cost to replace those air ducts, it makes more sense. There are many benefits to cleaning the air ducts in the average home, and most of them are not expensive at all. Everybody knows that viruses spread through the air because of the Covid pandemic. But not many people are investing in good air purifiers. If you think that your home will benefit from an air purifier because your concerned about Covid 19 in your air conditioning system, you can find out if you should get an air purifier for Covid for your home here. Its a great article on how how air purifiers clean the air ducts and filer the air in the home and make the home safer from Covid.


One benefit of cleaning the air in the average home is that asthma attacks are nearly nonexistent. People who have allergies actually suffer less often because they don’t need to breathe through their mouth. This alone should be enough to save you money on heating and air conditioning. It will also lower your insurance premiums because you will use less of them with a cleaner environment. The average home should have an annual efficiency rating of at least 23, but if you see the prices on the heaters and air conditioners, you will be able to easily see how much they cost in energy and time.


High Efficiency Air Duct Cleaning


Another reason that the average home should have high efficiency air duct cleaning is because of the increase in life expectancy of the residents. When air gets filthier, it holds less oxygen and the average home should see about an extra twenty years before it breaks down completely. This makes it easier to simply replace the air filter, change the pillows on the air beds, and clean the vents before the problems get too much in one place. This saves time, money, and energy.


The average home is also safer because it is free of toxic gases. If you really think about it, the chemicals that are typically found in the average home are a danger to anyone, even those who live there. These gases are known to cause headaches, allergic reactions, dizziness, and nausea, just to name a few. They can even lead to cancer and other dangerous diseases, which is why it is so important for an air duct cleaning company to come in periodically. The longer the company has been around, the more experience they have cleaning air ducts, and the better systems they are able to get to.


Finally, an air duct cleaning service will improve the aesthetic beauty of the home. When the air ducts are not cleaned properly, they can look outdated and neglected. They may look as if they need a thorough scrubbing to get rid of all of the dust and grime that have accumulated throughout the years. However, when the ducts are cleaned regularly, they will shine like new, and will add to the overall value of the home. Companies with websites that specialize in air purification and disinfection, like, offer service that take care of this for you. This means that the potential buyer will pay more for a home with a higher market value, as it will be much more attractive to prospective buyers.


How Dirty is Your Home’s Air?


How dirty is air in the average home? As you can see, there are many benefits that come from regular maintenance of the air ducts in your home. When you make sure that the ducts are cleaned regularly, you can ensure that you and your family have good breathing air, and that the air you breathe is clean. This is a simple process, but one that is often overlooked by most people.

How Dirty is Air in the Average Home in the Average Day

How dirty is air in the average home in the United States

The question has been asked over, How Dirty is Air in the Average Home in the Average State? Many people do not realize just how much dirt and bacteria lurk in our homes. The average home will have dust, dander, pollen, mold and animal dander. If someone were to light a match and breathe in that smoke they would likely inhale the particles. It only takes a few seconds for those small particles of dirt to lodge in your lungs and fill up your body with dangerous chemicals.


When you smoke a cigarette or a non-stick pan of oil gets into your house and becomes a breeding ground for mold. The same can be said about an open book that is left on a shelf or a coffee mug that is left on your desk. Cigarettes are full of chemical toxins and other things that are harmful to your health. There is no reason to breath this stuff in every time you sit down to enjoy a good book or a warm cup of coffee. In fact there are simple and easy ways to keep your home free from air pollution causing dirt and dust.


Getting a high quality air filter for your home is important. Naturally Green LA will help you learn about how to select an air filter. An air filter for your home will effectively remove many types of dust mites and other dangerous allergens that are found in the air. Having an air filter in your home can greatly reduce the number of illnesses you experience from allergies and asthma. A simple allergy test can tell you whether or not you have problems with dust mites. In some cases an allergy test can save a person’s life.


There are many other types of dirt and toxins that can find their way into your air. For example, if you have pets you should make sure they are cleaned up regularly. It is also important to keep your gutters clean and clear of debris. If you have trees near your house, you need to make sure they receive regular trimming. This will keep your home free of dead leaves and branches that break off and drift into the air. This will in turn cause many respiratory problems for you and your family.


How dirty is air in the average home in the average day? If you think about it, most people do not think about the air they breathe all day long. However the air you breathe in every day has an impact on your health. In fact, the air that you breathe in can be more dangerous than the dirt and dust that you see and feel on your TV screen or in your car.


To keep your home free from harmful air pollution, you need to invest in a quality air filter. These air filters come in a variety of options so you will be able to find the right one for your needs. Just because a filter looks dirty does not mean that it is harmful air. In fact air filters are one of the best ways to reduce the amount of dirty air that you breathe in. In addition to a quality air filter you should also make sure you have good ventilation and clean windows.

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