The Baby Party or Baby Showers is an American tradition that, in addition to Halloween, has become more and more popular in Europe, celebrating the arrival of the new citizen of the earth and being addressed to all expectant mothers. The party is held in honor of the pregnant woman and takes place a few months (when the belly has already grown properly) before the birth date.

Many baby parties are also held after the birth, with the baby being the center of attention. Close friends and family members are invited to the party, similar to a first birthday or family celebration. Ideally the friends should also have babies or toddlers, as the party is always tailored to the (coming) baby.

Good to know: If the father organizes this party, it is called a baby pee party, but in practice it is more likely to be celebrated together with men and women and still have a good toast.

baby shower decoration - cupcakes

Organization and planning tips for your baby party

A baby shower is no small thing if you want to throw it properly. It’s anything but “just come by, we’ll celebrate a little”, so a lot of organizational talent is needed if everything is to run smoothly and become a great event that people will remember with pleasure and goodwill.

You are not necessarily on your own at this party, but can plan together with another pregnant friend and collect ideas and wishes. Sometimes a baby party is also planned as a surprise party for the expectant mother. At this point we would like to refer you to our tips in the corresponding article and point out that you should always have the best for the expectant mom in mind. It must be beautiful for you and ideally you should not have to worry about anything. Just prepare a great day, which will increase your anticipation of the new life even more. Mother and child are in a very special relationship and you can be sure that living with baby will be a completely new experience, especially when it is your first child. Sure, expectant fathers are often left out, but that’s what a pee party is for.

When organizing a baby party, a checklist and a guest list should always be included and processed. This way you always keep the overview and don’t forget anything. If you want to plan a baby party, you have to consider that you have to estimate your budget and the costs for decoration games, diaper cake, gifts etc. Concerning party costs we have provided more information here.

Tip: It makes sense not to worry about the location, because in 99% of the cases a baby show takes place in your own four walls. Where should you also go if you have a baby at home?

With all the organization, even the most banal things are often forgotten: The camera or the video camera to capture the beautiful moments.
Baby party decoration ideas – from classic to DIY
Baby BalloonsWhat would a baby party be without the right decoration? Boring! That’s why you should think early on about how you want to design your location, because no baby party should be without decoration. The room should offer enough space, but renting a hall is not necessary and would go beyond the scope of the whole thing. Your own living room is sufficient in most cases. The decoration should be adapted to the baby (especially its sex).

The background noise of the baby decoration should be traditionally blue for boys and pink or pink for girls. Pastel shades are very trendy at the moment, they are not too thick when decorating and appear very discreet.

But when it comes to the rest of the room, you can really get started and decorate it in a colorful and kitschy way. Here are a few ideas:

Baby garland with first name

The center of the room should be decorated with a large garland with the baby’s first name. Inscriptions like “Welcome Baby” or similar are also popular. Small garlands can also be used as accessories to embellish windows and walls. Garlands that look like clotheslines are also popular. For this purpose, typical baby clothes (body, socks, bibs) are simply attached to a string. This laundry garland can be hung up in the party room or at the house entrance so that the guests know exactly where the party is taking place.

The clothes garland can also be held symbolically by one or two storks, so that all guests always know that the offspring is approaching in the house.

Another popular variation of the baby shower is the diaper party.