Croydon has always had a lot of great shops especially when it comes to fashion. its stores attract countless of people that seems from too brands to affordable brands. girls are always looking for the most brand-new smartphones and the most high-tech gadgets at the end of the day. that’s why they tend to go to the apple shop to have what they need. from computer or laptop to all kinds of service. there is something about the Apple stores that always attracts ladies and it will always do it through time. girls always have the desire to get the newest and latest and the apple store definitely serves them that kind of life. Croydon girls are always hungry for the new thing. b&m is also very popular in Croydon for a reason.

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they have everything from clothes, toys and furniture’s. that’s why they attract millions of people every single year because they offer affordable prices and brands that people want to have. it has a lot of common things that people need in their daily life. they even serve food and drinks. that’s why it is very popular among Croydon girls because they could hang out and have fun easily when they are in b&m., they offer the complete experience when shopping and having fun outside. people do not have to look for anywhere else because they have everything that they could possibly Want in b&m. home bargain is very popular for girls that is looking for affordable deals and home equipment’s. there is no better satisfaction than to but stuff for home. Croydon girls can get crazy for great deals and nice appliances that it offers. it specializes in giving the people what they Want. and that is to give them low prices and affordable discount to things that are important in their homes. home bargains do not only offer home supplies but it also has kids’ toys, garden tools and pet supply.

it’s very easy to have a great time in looking in the store that specializes in everything that is in the home. taking a hike in home bargains in also fun because it is full of supplies that is crucial at homes. people can also shop for food in it. it’s everything that girls want but on a discount. the Disney store is also very popular in Croydon because it has the complete experience when it comes to toys. from Star Wars collection to anyone’s favorite toys. Disney store offers so much for people to add on their collection or just to get toys for their love ones. it has everything when it comes to toys. Croydon girls will surely have fun in being in this store. it has all of the most popular dolls to the specific toys that she needs. the Disney store will always have what a girl wants for Christmas. that’s why it is very popular in Croydon especially to the girls.

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losing on someone is just part of life. people have to deal with it every time in their life. when it comes to romantic relationship it can be very overwhelming and hard to deal with. it’s something that a lot of people do struggle to deal with and most of the time it can make a person grow more and have a better idea how to deal with pain. losing someone special is not uncommon. relationship is not always going to work all of the time. sometimes people just lost in it and they just have to deal with it. but moving on also means that there is a chance in finding the right person eventually.

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there is someone out there waiting and the only thing that could make it happen is to accept on losing someone and trying to find the right person. relationship can be rewarding and fulfilling at the same time. and when it does not work out it’s the most tragic feeling that a man could go through. but that is just love, only a very few people can do it right the first time. but that’s why it’s a wonderful journey. no one really can get the experience that they expected of even wanted. Relationship are unpredictable and unstable sometimes but through out that journey there will always be someone out there who could make it worthwhile for a person. when a guy can find the right person all of the work and the bad experiences does not even matter because finding the right person is a unique feeling that would stay a lifetime.

There are always going to be relationship that does not work out and blaming oneself all of the time is not going to help. there is nothing more special that finding out and experience the journey and failing and winning at all. because at the end of the day it’s a worthwhile pursuit for everyone who is looking for it. There might be too much that a person has in his life. but when he does not have someone to love. it does not really matter. relationship equals to hapiness in a lot of ways. even though it is a struggle and a terrifying journey for many. each relationship is important even if it did not work out quite as well as the person wanted to. there will always be lesson to be found in it and which can make it all worth while at the end. the more struggle a relationship could have the more it can be meaningful at the end when a couple does survive and stay longer. dealing with a break up is something that a guy have to deal with when he is looking for someone to love. because no one can do it right all of the time. a man just have to learn to accept the reality and just move on in order to find the right person.

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one of the best reason in life is being able to make yourself happy. And it doesn’t mean that you have to keep a relationship that that does not make you happy at all. Relationship should be the source of your happiness and not the cause of your anxiety. What I went through was such a terrible thing at all. I thought I would be able to still keep the man that i love but deep inside of me I am not happy at all. Nothing a lot painful than seeing the man I love making love with someone else which she only does for me.

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every night I thought of what he has done and he still keep it like I never knew about. I think of it a couple of times, many times that I want to break up with him early but I still hold the memories we had so I played like I never know anything about it. Isn’t it ironic that I let myself fool by this person and still stay with him? he really knows to play a woman’s heart. I’ve know that he is cheating on me and make me anxious every time he is not with me. as time passes by, it became a burden to me. I thought that i could make it but I was wrong all along.

I always thought that he will change and I just have to let it pass. But as what I have observed he continued seeing another woman and act like he never cheated on me. One day I woke up that I have to ditch this guy right now. I took a deep breath and told my boyfriend that I want to separate from him. It was hard at first, he was sorry and keep connecting to me but I am not going on his trap. I will never allow myself again to be fooled. It took me weeks or months to be able to move on. I feel the pain all along. I told myself that I have to feel it until I stop feeling it anymore. it was the best thing I ever done to myself.

And looking back on that time it was horrible but worth it. I have never been this happy in my life. i free myself from all the pain that caused by my ex boyfriend. besides being alone also helps me to become strong and motivated in my goals in life. it helps me to have a brighter life. I am so glad that I did able to make it. what is more important to me now that I made myself glow and bloom from that experience. Ditching my ex boyfriend took me a long time to realized but finally I gave up and thought of stopping that illusion of me. I am waiting on what’s god plan for me now. Besides I am not rushing into love and just enjoying myself.

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There’s a lot of meaning when it comes to a woman’s touch. It’s a language that can connect to what she is feeling inside. a lady does not really want to touch a man if she is not interested with him at all, don’t presume she is cheating, read more the signs of a cheating person here It’s a pleasant feeling to be touch by a woman but it does not happen that often. It’s only when she is totally comfortable with the guy that she is with that she might want to touch him. When a woman does not feel like touching a man at all.

It’s just going to be a sign that she might still not comfortable at all. it’s really hard to make a woman comfortable sometimes that’s why she might be stiff and does not really act interested. There is a lot of sign to look for when a girl is not interested. When she can’t even face the same way as the man that she is with then there is a lot of things to work with in that relationship. a lady does not really want to look towards a guy that she is not even interested with. That’s why it would make sense to try to look for the other direction in a date. But when she wants to constantly be close and want to hold hands all of the time.

It’s an easy tell that she wants to be around and wants to keep on being together. It’s sweet thing to have a lady want to touch hands all of the time. It’s too bad that it does not last for a very long time sometimes. In the course of a date when she might turn cold it might be hard to get back to where it was been in the past. Dates are a very complicated thing and when a girl does not even want to touch any more. That’s a great time to be aware that there is a problem. When she does not want to be touch anymore she is creating a distance where she does not want to be there anymore. It’s really hard to find out a reason to be happy when that kind of situation does arrive. making a big deal out of it is just going to make it worst. Even though not everyone is a touchy lady.

It’s always nice to be aware where her heads at because when she does not want to get touched. There is something wrong in the relationship. Dating is all about reading each other’s body language and when it does stop it can get messy because that might be the beginning of the end. The less affection that she is willing to give. the less chance a relationship is going to work out. That’s why it’s always important to find a way to make sure that she is feeling herself and wants to have fun no matter what. It’s a fun thing to find a girl who wants to be happy and have a happy relationship like

Long lasting relationship requires lots of efforts at all. It does not happen overtime, and you have to make a lot of adjustments in order to make it long lasting. It is not an easy thing at all, many people see the outside of the relationship but does not know behind it. If you want to have a long-lasting relationship, take note that you have to embrace each other’s flaws and mistakes. Remember to extend your patience and widen your understanding.

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There are lots of people around the world that proved that relationship can lasts and they are not lucky at all. These people had conquered many things together and no matter how hard life is if you are not giving up, you would always stay together.

Relationship requires many things in life. For you and your partner be able to have a long term one both of you must never say goodbye immediately, though fights are natural it does not mean that you have to let go that easily. You have to try and make it work always. Life is not always full of happiness, there is sadness, agony and hard times. And you have to be ready on those times of your life.

Below are some tips to have a long-lasting relationship:

1.         Honesty

Make it a habit to always be honest with each other. When you are open to your partner, there is nothing to worry about. You have to tell your partner what you are up to. Being transparent to each other is one thing to make a relationship work.

2.         Communication

Communication is the key of all. If you are feeling bad about something or with each other, better to be open with it and take time to talk. There is nothing you have to worry about it at all. If you want to settle things up, don’t wait for too long to make it work. Just sit and talk about it.

3.         Understanding

There are times that you and your partner are not on the same page especially in opinions and decisions. But whatever it is, be open minded and try to understand each other points then weigh it. You should not react just because he or she does not agree with you.

4.         Good listener

One of the best attitudes of a partner is a good listener. Especially if you are going through something bad on your life. Having a partner that listen in everything you say is a blessing. It feels like that someone is always there for you to help in your difficult times.

5.         Adjustments

Along the way changes in attitude and discovering colors with each other is there always. Just because you discover something bad about them is you have to judge and leave your partner. You have to make some adjustments and try to sync it on.

There are lots of things to do to have a long-lasting relationship, but still it’s up to you and your partner to make it last.

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Wealth is always going to be a symbol of happiness for most people. Wealth is what everyone wants because people think that it is the key to happiness. Many try to be successful in being wealthy, but it is not always a fun and success story. Most of the time, there are lots of struggles that a person can think about. The way to being wealthy is not very healthy. It is full of competition and endless struggles, and only the strongest and smartest people win. And they are celebrated as people who are doing the right things in life. The way of being wealthy is not always fun, and happiness is never present sometimes even when a person might have everything in the world.

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Mistaking happiness in wealth is one of the common mistakes that people have. Being wealthy is never going to end. There is no ending in the journey of being wealthy. There are always going to be people who are going to be much better and more prosperous. It is a game that is never going to end, and most people do not even see the light at the end of the tunnel because no matter how much they have a struggle, they still can’t find wealth and happiness. Having things like cars and houses is what people want to see, and they think that it is the way to go. But trying too hard in things that are never going to matter when it all ends is just a miserable story. Chasing riches are a way to destroy any kind of happiness band peace in life. Even though a guy might have everything he can think of in this world, he can never be happy because it is not the most important. Relationships with others and enjoying the little things are much more worth it to do. The problem with people is that no one wants to be a loser who does not have anything. They think that having things is going to be the one who can make things more interesting. But they end up fooling themselves and fooling the people that are around them. Chasing riches and wishing to be happy is never going to happen that easily. Only a few people know how to use wealth in the right way. Most of the time, a wealthy person is just going to pass and come back down to earth again. The reality is very harsh, and chasing the wrong kinds of things would make it worst. But chasing riches is never going to end. But if ever a man might get there. He might soon discover that it is not the way that he imagined. It is just a way to open up more problems that a man can deal with. Enjoying the simple things is hard to do when being rich. That’s why they can never achieve happiness. The one who does not chase riches has no problem in being happy.

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The truth is that indie rock bands are slowly dying as time changes. People also shift to different types of music. Music nowadays is a very different type, unlike in the past. It is something that a lot of people might not have predicted. But time offers changes and rock bands are getting forgotten more and more. Rock has given birth to fun and cult-like followers. It was an unforgettable time for many folks who have been helped by rock music, especially when they are going.

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Even though there are still a lot of did hard rock band fans out there, the music is not slowly at the decline because of what people prefer to listen to nowadays. It is fair to say that even the greatest rock band is gradually being forgotten nowadays, a thought that would never enter the minds of hard-core rock bands in the past. Rock bands have created an unimaginable frenzy of people who were able to feel like themselves. It also gave birth to the golden age of rock band legend like nirvana. They are one of the first rock bands to capture a lot of people’s hearts and capitalize on their success.

Throughout the years, they have been able to sell out the biggest concerts and festivals that have ever happened. But rock bands that are legends always have something different among the rest. They tend to have an oddball image that captured a lot of people’s minds. It is a unique thing that made a difference. Rock band dressed up like weird outfits, and the demonic look was something strange yet very cool for a lot of people. The image of oddities always has been present, especially with the much more popular rock band. One of the very last successful rock bands that rock the world was a creed.

They have also rocked the world with their new style of music, which gave birth to a new rock sound. It was a more relaxed and calmer vibe but still has a lot of deeper meaning that was very emotional. After that, there was the birth of hip hop. It was the next big thing that a lot of people were attracted to. It signaled the death of the rock band and began the new era of music that was the new normal. Boy bands are the next best thing that people go crazy about.

Backstreet boys destroyed the competition and rocked the world. It made it easier to forget about the wild because they where do well at what they do. It felt like their music was going to be around forever. After that, it was boy bands after another than was very popular with its new kind of music the hip hop. It opened up so many doors to new music that was not yet tapped. The more that people discovered other music that could relate to them, the more rock was forgotten.

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Unfortunately, accidents do happen in prison, which is considered normal for everyone out there. When you are new there, you will be in a culture shock of how these people behave. Many documentaries talk about imprisonment, how their life inside the cells, and its devastating to hear. Many women now are committing crimes and put on the jail, some are waiting for nothing, and they are dying without hope.

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A lot of people there are treated bad and cops are silent about them. It depends on your social status in life; well, we can’t deny how money works to people. Maybe because money is the root of evilness and it is proven inside and outside of jail.

But how about those people who are poor and sick in prison? The government has no concern in them or merciless. Perhaps they are just waiting for these people to die, and that is frustrating. Many women who are sick are not treated well and experience abuse of their rights. Nobody can assure their health will be in good condition because so far no one has come out in jail alive after getting sick for too long

The government won’t take risks on them or spend money on this criminal. They will rot in jail, and nobody cares. I think it is normal in prison in low class because no one gives a shit on them. How much more if you are sick? The treatment is still the same. You always do your job in prison, like cleaning, doing the laundry, and more. You are not exempted just because you are sick.

This sick woman is mostly separated to avoid the spread of the virus, but still, jails are not fully equipped to nurse them. According to a source, older women are prone to sickness. They are some of the longest prisoners that age in the cell. These people are no hopes to get out, and sometimes their disease is the solution they all waiting for.

We can see in prison documentaries how these prisoners are hopeless and lonely. Some of them weren’t getting any visitors. Others abuse some of them. It’s just no hope when you are sick inside the prison. There is no space for you to take good care of. Everyone has their duty to fulfill, and that’s not the sick ones.

We have to accepts these facts because that’s how life in jail. Perhaps that is why criminals have to pay their sins there because it wasn’t as easy as we thought. There are many sick cases of women who are silently buried because nobody cares about them at all. Dead or alive, they are prisoners, and they deserve it in the eyes of the people. Nothing good happens in jail because that is what criminals supposed to feel—the abuse and brutality of the world as payback of their sins outside.

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Well, many generations have passed, but dating cougar is not new anymore. There are still young guys who see older woman charming, and we can’t blame them. A lot of guys depend on cougars for their wants and needs in exchange for their dignity. Though it may be acceptable to society, let’s try to see the pros and cons of cougar dating. before we tackle on, you can also read in advance more about dating cougars at


  1. Cougars are not clingy

Due to age, cougars are not clingy anymore, and they don’t want to be baby. And if you are a guy that is not fond of showing off, well, you land in the right woman. You don’t have to pressure yourself to find her tickle because they are in supreme confidence and independence. Before you say it, they knew what you do you want.

  • Learnings

Since you are with a cougar, expect that she will tell you about her life experiences that you can learn from. It’s normal for them to teach life lessons and you can’t take that away from them. You will learn lots of things as you go through in life.

  • Goal Digger

Goal Digger, not Gold Digger, meaning cougars are ambitious, and they say it. If you are dating a cougar, you are free to get what she has. For her, she will include you in her dreams in life, and you’ll live like a prince in her arms.

  • Emotionally Mature

The best about cougars is that they tend to understand your feelings more than herself. Cougar knows how to deal with you and make you feel good. Unlike dating a woman in your age that somewhat gives you a hard time making them feel less and blaming it on you. Cougars at the same time won’t act like a baby and maturely deal things so you won’t have a hard time in life.


  1. No more children

If you are dating an older woman and want to build a family with her, it will not happen. Cougars dates only for her pleasures and don’t intend to make a new family. Her time has ended in raising children and wants to enjoy her life. If you’re going to be with a cougar, don’t expect to have children with her because she has no plan.

  • Different perceptions of life

Due to the age gap, it would cause a problem in the future. Older women and young men have different perceptions of life, and it would sometimes cause a fight. Cougars are sometimes not supportive of how you handle things on your own, so she interferes.

  • Possessive

Mostly older woman tends to be possessive on you because they fear you will find a lovely young woman other than them. They are jealous of you hanging out with your friends or enjoying the club without them. They somewhat control your social life, and that can be frustrating.

However, this may not be applied in all cougars, but it’s safe to think about the pros and cons before dating an older woman.  for more information about this topic you can contact

Not all have good vision; a lot needs eyeglasses or contact lenses to get by. But it is two different ways to have eye comfort and its generally different for everyone. Deciding on wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses would depend on a person’s preferences. There are also things to keep in mind in choosing between them both. Each has pros and cons and ease of use, but both are designed to help the eyes’ comfortability, you may also contact at fore more  info.

Eyeglasses are better

Practicality and benefits sides with the eyeglasses require minimal maintenance and do not have to be adjusted from time to time. The eyes are a susceptible organ, and wearing glasses makes it less likely to irritate the eyes or cause infections. Wearing contact lenses increases the chances of irritation and infection because the hands are in constant interaction with the eyes. Glasses are commonly cheaper than the Contact lenses because contact lenses require to be replaced over time, and the cost can add later on significantly. Ease of use is also an excellent benefit for wearing eyeglasses because it does not need much effort to correct its positioning. The last thing would be the fashion sense, wearing it adds a little more fashion to a person, especially now when there are so many different styles of eyeglasses to choose from. Eyeglasses can easily be suitable for a person who wants to look way more relaxed than before.

Contact lenses are cool

Knowing all of the benefits of wearing eyeglasses. There are also a lot of factors that contact lenses are much better. The first thing would be a better vision. Contact lenses give much better vision to the eye because it is in direct contact with it. No space is between the eye and the contact lenses; that’s why it is advantageous. Living an active life, just like playing sports or doing outdoor activities, is not fun with eyeglasses. With contact lenses, there is no obstruction in the way. Its easier to be free to move even when it is done intensely with contact lenses because it can’t easily fall off or break like what would happen when wearing eyeglasses on the move. In the cooler department, it can be a unique tool to look beautiful because a person can choose what color would she/he would want in contact lenses. Having a unique look by changing the colors of the eyes can easily be achieved by wearing contacts.

Risk factors of wearing contacts

  • Beginners and people who lack the hand coordination when getting the contacts to the eyes can be annoying and cause a lot of headaches. There is a need for a right and proper technique to have in applying contacts to the eyes that do not create a lot of fuss. But it can always be corrected through practice and repetition, but it can take time.
  • Wearing contacts with sensitive eyes is close to impossible. Contact lenses are put directly into the eyes. That is why it reduces the amount of oxygen, making it more severe. See it more on